Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Install Windows 95, 98, XP on Android Phone

Have you always wanted to use Windows or Linux on your smartphone? Then you are right, because today we want to tell you about a fantastic app that allows to do this.
The application was created by a developer at XDA and called Bochs Pentium emulator, its inventor says that operating systems are tested and working for Windows95.98, XP and some distributions Linux, tested on smartphone Android HTC Evo 3D.

1st Idea :

 HTC EVO 3D or You can try this on another android phones.

Pre-requisites: Windows 95/98/XP Image: ISO or .IMG. (IMG preferred and tested).

Step 1. Download bochs.apk [mirror] and [mirror]. Put on root of sdcard/

Step 2. Put the Windows 95/98/XP disk image .img/.iso [(need to change setting in bochsrc.txt accordingly (iso not tested yet)] of any operating system in SDL folder and rename it to “c.img”.

Step 3. Run Bochs apk. Let it boot (takes a while) and enjoy.

Note: Use this bochsrc.txt to use a folder called “HDD” on your sdcard as a drive in windows. Replace the original bochsrc.txt withthe one stated before. Further updates on xda thread.
Instructions for input controls are as follows:
  • To emulate touchpad on touchscreen and left/right mouse buttons on volume
  • You can also click touch screen to generate mouse left button click.(this does not work everytime)
  • Back = BackSpace, Menu = Enter, left-upper corner click generates TAB
  • left-lower corner click popups keyboard

2st Idea For All Android Phones :

3rd Idea For All Android Phones :

The first thing to do is downloading of the file to install apk files and SD from the following links:
Once downloaded, Extract the first zip, create a folder called SDL in the root of the device and copy your files extracted from the first zip file and apk by using Smartphone with Archive, ES File or any other file manager, go to the directory created and started to install the apk.
Windows XP on Android
Once the installation process is finished, make the iso compatible operating system such as XP, and then rename c.img, place it in the same directory with SDL. Launch the app and have fun!
Obviously launching a XP os is equivalent to consume lots of RAM and space on your mobile device, but if you want to impress your friends then this app is really for you.


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  2. pls tell me how i create image file

    1. You have to download the image file. Go to Linux OS download site. For XP, it's best to a torrent.

  3. pls tell about creating the c.img file

  4. udhaya download c.img file from any other websites or by searching it in google i have one